Java Frinsa Estate is a family owned company with Wildan Mustofa managing operations whilst Atieq Mustianingtyas, his wife, manages human resources and marketing. The estate started growing coffee in 2011 on fertile volcanic soil in the Bandng Highland, West Java, Indonesia.


They have a wetmill located at 1400masl, as well as a perfectly ventilated storage space and a dry mill. They are in full control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting and shipment.


The estate has six main growing plots, and they also buy cherries from a few selected outgrowers in the surrounding area. These are referred to as Frinsa Collective, which is the brand name allocated to this lot.


The out-growers farmed the coffee, and Wildan carefully processed the coffee on his estate. This lot was dry fermented, soaked, pre dried on raised beds and finished off at the patio. Drying underwent anything up to 20 days, depending on weather conditions.


Java Frinsa Estate do intensive partnerships on research and development with research centre’s to improve it's farming practices such us plant health management, sustainability, post harvesting handling, etc. With all this research, it's common for them to experiment with a large range of processing methods such as Lactic acid and anaerobic fermentation.


Indonesia is regarded as the fourth-largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee cultivation in Indonesia began in the late 1600s and early 1700s, in the early Dutch colonial period, and has played an important part in the growth of the country. In general, Indonesia's arabica coffee varieties have low acidity and full bodies, lending itself to great tasting espresso.


Indonesia is geographically and climatologically well-suited for coffee plantations, near the equator and with numerous interior mountainous regions on its main islands, creating well-suited microclimates for the growth and production of coffee. The key coffee producing areas are Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Flores and Bali.