All journeys have a beginning, and the Espressolab coffee journey started in 2009, with the opening of Espressolab Microroasters, a boutique roasting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was one of the pioneers serving and showcasing specialty coffee on the African continent.

The roastery’s popularity was immediate and it was then in 2014 that it started to branch out and open multiple stores, including it’s first store outside South Africa in 2014, under careful curatorship.  

Today there are multiple stores worldwide, with a collection of micro-roasteries and retail stores spanning the globe.

The brands passion for specialty coffee and good food, allows us to dream big, and our progressive aim is to increase our footprint to 100 retail stores by 2021 and eventually have an Espressolab on each of the majör continents. 


When the “Third Wave of Coffee” hit in early 2008, the elevation of quality coffee started, but now we welcome in the “Future Generation of Coffee” movement, wereby we aim to forge sustainable relationships with producers and exporters alike, for the holistic continuity of the production of specialty coffee.

Espressolab will always prioritize taking the steps that will ensure the longevity of quality coffee production life and sustainable coffee making, where economic, ecological and social requirements are met in its production.

We believe that our producers are the real heroes of coffee. Coupled together, baristas and roasters serve as their humble ambassadors, showcasing and representing their hard work everyday.

We wish to create sustainable coffee awareness, by being more environmentally conscious, whilst supporting the producers whom can afford to sustain their community and their environments, further developing production projects for the future.

Our goals with supporting the FUTURE GENEREATION of COFFEE…

Consciously contribute to agricultural projects in producing countries.

Support exporters and manufacturers to invest more in laying the groundwork to help communities. Protect the environment and become entrepreneurs of their own through the production of coffee related industries.

Encourage young farmers to keep processing coffee and to support their livelihoods through coffee production. 

Empower women in their respective fields through socially responsible projects. Ensuring financial and social independence.

Contribute to recycling of all goods and reduce our envionmental footprint.

Raise consumers awareness of climate change through coffee, for a more sustainable future.

With our goals for the FUTURE GENERATION of COFFEE, we commit to investing in the future productions of coffee through its people and their most treasured commodity, coffee.


With our ability to work closely with our exporters and coffee producers, we have personally visited the many farms whereby our coffee is grown. Spanning the globe from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya to name a few we seek to develop programs that support local producers.

By selecting the most unique coffees and roasting them at our state of the art roasting facility, we apply our omni-roast approach to roasting, under the constant supervision and guidance of our Director of Coffee Operations Renato Correia, whom was part of the creation of EspressoLab in South Africa.

We follow the coffee harvest calander, and seek to purchase our coffee as close to harvest as possible, and ship new coffees constantly into our roastery throughout the year.

Our constant evolution in industry standards, has us invest in new roasting equipment and protocols to contunue our pursuit to roasting and serving the best cup of coffee, our gold standard.


We proudly always have 100% organic coffee beans on offer. Produced naturally without any chemical additives, we can further help cement our goal of restoring balance to nature through agriculture.