As Turkey's most innovative coffee chain, the culture of gourmet coffee to coffee lovers around the world offer their varied tastes. From the moment we opened our doors with our first store at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2014, we have had a significant fan base among coffee passions. We are working hard to share our passion for good coffee with more coffee lovers day by day. Advancing towards becoming a global brand, the company's first roasting center, has a total of 252 stores in Turkey and abroad. We aim to increase our number of stores to 400 by 2024.



While the “Third Wave Coffee” stream represents the production and consumption of qualified coffee; With the “Future Generation Coffee” movement, we aim for the continuity of quality coffee production. As Espressolab, we always prioritize taking the steps that will ensure the longevity of quality coffee production life and sustainable coffee making, where economic, ecological and social requirements are met in production. We believe that producers who are real actors of coffee as well as coffee shops, baristas and roasters should also be at the forefront. Together with our local producers and non-governmental organizations, where we bought our coffees, we are carrying out activities with the slogan of "We are Responsible Together" to create sustainable coffee awareness, which is environmentally conscious, that the producer can afford to himself and his environment, and develop production projects for the future.


Our coffee contributes to conscious and scientific agriculture in Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Tanzania.

Our coffee supports manufacturers to invest more in the ground and the people of the environment and become entrepreneurs for high quality cores.

Our coffee encourages young farmers to process the land left over from their families and to see the future in the sector.

Our coffee empowers women and children in farm areas with social responsibility projects.

Our coffee contributes to recycling for sustainable agriculture.

Our coffee raises farmers' awareness of climate change.

With Future Generation Coffee, we invest and invest in future producers and qualified coffee beans of the future



We personally visit local farms in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya and develop programs that support local producers. We select the best beans from farms and freshly roast our coffee in our own roasting center, constantly updating coffee roast profiles under the guidance of world-renowned coffee expert Renato Correira. The biggest feature of the coffees we offer to our guests is that it is not long stock. For us, qualified coffee is fresh coffee. Chain coffee brands are launching coffees from abroad and lasting more than 6 months or even 1 year. We're not doing that. We are one of the most successful representatives of qualified coffee flow in Turkey by offering the highest quality product based on production processes using the most advanced roasting techniques.