300.000th Member Campaign Conditions:


The campaign will be fulfilled in the form of a lifetime gift of coffee to the guest who has signed up for the Espressolab Mobile App for the first time and is the 300,000th user.

The 300,000th member will be identified via the mobile app panel and will be transparently disclosed from Espressolab digital media accounts, with a notary approval.

The free coffee gifted within the scope of the campaign is limited to 1 coffee per day.

Espressolab reserves the right to make changes to the campaign terms and conditions.

Non-used right of one free coffee cannot be carried over to the next day.

The free coffee campaign is valid for flavored/non-flavored, hot/cold, and small-sized coffees to be prepared by a barista. Bottled drinks and foods are not included in the campaign.

The campaign may only be utilized by scanning the QR code on the Espressolab mobile app at the checkout.

Only consumers over 18 and residing in Turkey can participate in the campaign. Espressolab employees cannot participate in the campaign.

The right earned within the scope of the campaign can only be used in the Espressolab stores in Turkey.

Reward codes granted within the scope of the campaign may, under no circumstances, be sold and transferred as a means of income.

This campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns and gift cards or converted into cash.

Espressolab reserves the right to terminate the campaign indefinitely under force majeure such as pandemic, earthquake, etc.

The participants accept that Espressolab will obtain, collect, record, and share their information with 3rd parties for the purpose of the relevant benefits in accordance with the GDPR.