Max Perez who was born in a parchment store and farm-raised amid coffee fields always had the idea to set up his coffee business.

The opportunity emerged in 2010. "It's time to realize our coffee dreams." Thanks to the efforts of many families and thanks to an unbelievable idea: he began to develop a special coffee farm that will deliver the tradition and innovation to the customers through extraordinary coffees. And so, the adventure began!

After assessing potential regions for this project, Acatenango came up as the Number 1. Why? Because when you have a mineral-rich soil and an excellent altitude and two beautiful volcanoes to nurture the soil, your doubts clear immediately.

Acatenango is definitely a fertile region that accommodates big farms, tasteful coffee and specialty coffee farmers who love what they do.

After the land was acquired in 2010, the project started to take shape. The team was formed and the family mentality in addition to the innovative vision made it easy to decide which varieties of coffee to plant, which shade bearers to choose and other technical requirements to meet. Every detail has been carefully evaluated to ensure the success of the project, from seeding to selection of coffee beans. Coffee plantation is a long-term investment, so precision and care are important at each step.

The farm has been divided into thirteen parcels on which traditional varieties such as pacamara, typica, caturra, catuai and bourbon as well as the fashionable pacamas and geishas are grown.

Quality does not come by chance, so all the coffees are carefully collected and processed by following best practices for washed, natural and honey methods ... For now.

Last year, the quality of our coffee, including the Cup of Excellence auction program, was well rewarded on different national and international platforms. Of course, this is not the end. We are moving towards innovation and development.


Cup of Excellence

2013 - Finca La Hermosa

2015 - Guachipilîn annex

National Winner 2013 (Guachipilîn annex) and 2017

La Hermosa coffee, coffee bean information:

It is a 100% Arabica Catuai type coffee at 1800-2100 m altitudes. It is harvested between March and August. This coffee from Central America has been thoroughly washed and processed.

The taste profile is as below:

Flavor; Vanilla sweetness

Body; Middle and a creamy mouth feel 

Acidity; middle / High, aroma of drupes (Peach, Apricot and Cherry)

Tasting notes; Apricot, leaves a lasting vanilla feeling on the palate, and then finishes with a sweet taste. Catuai: A high-yield coffee plant which is a cross of Mundo Novo and Caturra.It is resistant to rain and wind. Catuai needs fertilization and care. It was developed by Instito Agrnomico Do Campibas in Brazil in the years 1950-1960. It is widely used in Brazil and Central America.

With this coffee, you get a moderate to high acidity and a medium body; it suits well to both espresso and milk coffee and you will get the same results with the filter.