There is a thing that we believe since we served our first coffee in 2014 in SantralIstanbul... Always serving ‘’good coffee’’. In the direction of our motto, we find the best coffee bean from local farms from all corners of the world and try to roast in the truest profiles. We take our coffees from ‘’single origin’’ farm and roast without ‘blend’ and deliver to our stores in freshest way. We always tried to do best as Espressolab but, we know that there is always better one and we recently improved our roasting profiles by worldwide known coffee roasting specialist and has years of experience Renato Correia’s support. Thus, we re-arranged our coffee roasting profiles and obtained better results.

Then what is the changes that we can experience in coffees that we drink in our stores and what kind of renewals in our coffee profiles wait for us?

Each coffee beans appeal to the different taste buds depending upon growing conditions. To reveal and obtain these tastes, we started to roast in lower temperatures. Coffee berries which are exposed to heat while roasting started to crackle, grow larger after specific temperature and aromas inside caramelized and started to be appear. After these process, the taste of coffee is determined by its best temperature which is high temperatures as 200 degree and also by time. We reduce the time that coffees remain in machine after the first crackle and provided to roast in higher temperatures in a short time. Thus, beans roasted as lighter color. Tastes, aromas and scents in coffees which are roasted as lighter color and lower temperatures started to be more perceivable. Even when we grid our new coffee profile, we can feel the marvelous aromas in berries and we can catch acidities and scents of different sweet fruits in beans when it is brewed. Thanks to our new coffee profiles, different tastes and aromas of coffees specific to region that it grows make itself evident in mouths. Thus, these coffees which have different tastes will help to discover coffee which we can consume happly and most importantly, understand the difference between each other. As a result of these processes, when daily milk with high mineral value which come from our farm come together with our coffee, they will provide sweet flavour and leave a taste on mouths.

Renewed Espresso

The differences which we above mentioned are not only provided by changes in roasting methods. But also, we made changes for our baristas prepare more delicious coffees. We improved our beverage recipes to specially fruit aromas leave a taste and sense in the mouths when preparing ans espresso or filter coffee. 

Balanced and Enjoyable Taste Profile 

Also, one of the most important thing that you should know is the water quality after proceeding that much. We aimed to catch world standards on coffee brewing, we all know that the way of good coffee is through good water, for that reason, we updated our systems and revised permeableness and mineral balance of water. We set adjust our water Total Solute settings between 80 and 100 ppm. Thus, we added fruit acids that we could not solve in coffee, into glass balancedly. Thanks to our new roasting profiles, we ensured clearer and vivid of appearance in glass. The tastes remained in background gave its place to long, permanent, balanced and enjoyable taste profiles.

As many other sectors, sustainable improvements are resorted in terms of coffee. We ask ourselves “How can we make our coffees more delicious?” question and try to deliver it to you by the study conducted by us.